Do we require deposits?
Yes, we do. We only book work in the diary when a deposit has been paid.

What area do we cover?
We work mainly in and around the York city, if you require our help in a different location, please just ask!

Are we insured?
Yes, we are! We have £5m of liability insurance and several other policies for individual bespoke projects.

Do I need planning permission before work starts on my property?
You should seek the advice of your local council prior to starting any building works. We can and will help with any planning permission that may be needed.

Do i need planning permission for a loft conversion?
The short answer is usually no as most loft conversions come under permitted development, however, it’s always best to call your local council to clarify.

How much will my job / project cost?
Every job / project has a different cost, but we'll gladly provide a quote on request.

How long with my job / project take?
Each job / project is completely different, but we'll give you a timescale for completion on our site visit.

Do i need to move out?
Most definitely not! Larger projects do take longer, but we always make the whole process as comfortable as possible.

Do we tidy up after ourself?
10000% YES!!!

What are building Regs?
In short, they’re the minimum standard for the quality of workmanship, design, construction, alterations, and Health & Safety required by UK government concerning extension, conversion, or construction of property.